For Individuals

One-on-one and couples coaching programs for mindful parents and individuals who want to reparent their inner child.

Conscious Parenting Coaching

In my one-on-one coaching practice, I support parents just like you to create deeper connections with your children while caring for yourself. Using gentle, open-ended techniques that draw on mindfulness practices and experiential processes, I offer steady emotional support to help you navigate the joys and challenges of parenting with compassion, equanimity and grace. Whether you’re a new parent looking for guidance, struggling to connect with your child at any stage, or seeking help with specific life circumstances, I am here to serve.

In addition to supporting parents, I also work with people who may not have children but have experienced childhood trauma. If you’re ready to examine your relationship with yourself or your parents, or are facing challenges in your intimate relationships and are looking for support, I can help.

Much of my work centers around the power of inner child work, which uses compassionate inquiry to get at the root of the present-day behaviors and patterns that our conscious mind may not fully understand. Through my work with individuals (and based on my own personal experience), I have discovered that this approach is a powerful healing guide. By paying attention to the things in our current life that elicit a strong response, and tracing them back to the events of our childhood, we often uncover unmet needs from our early years that may be impacting the way we show up in the present. We lovingly explore the emotions connected to these childhood associations, discovering what they need in order to feel seen and heard, in order to feel whole. Through this process, we free ourselves to establish new ways of relating to our inner life, our loved ones and the world around us, a freedom that enables us to offer our natural gifts more abundantly and with greater ease.

Conscious parenting is holistic, and takes into account the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of both parent and child. I believe you too can create a loving and supportive environment for your child while honoring your own unique blueprint.

If you’re ready to take your reparenting journey to the next level, I invite you to Book a Call with me today. Empowering parents with the knowledge and skills you need to raise happy, healthy, and resilient children (or to re-parent yourself) is my greatest joy. Thanks for considering Stillwater Reflections. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Couples Coaching

Do you ever find yourself in a difficult, repeating loop with your partner? Are you stuck in a dysfunctional dance that you yearn to move beyond? Do you find yourself giving and giving and giving in your relationship to the point of emptying your cup completely, and yet feel like it’s never enough? Or maybe, despite all your “effort-ing”, you are consistently accused by your partner of being selfish. There are so many challenges in the relationship. On some days, you convince yourself you can manage, while other days you’re tempted to run away entirely.

If, despite whatever challenges you may be facing in your relationship, you and your partner are ready to be honest and vulnerable with each other, to fall down repeatedly, only to pick yourself up again because you are committed to putting in the effort required to reestablish a new way of interacting, then you are definitely in the right place.

I specialize in working with couples to renegotiate the day-to-day dynamics of your relationship so you can create a healthy, loving, safe, and compassionate container for each other where you can feel seen, heard and supported.

Some schools of thought suggest you only need one “conscious” person in the relationship, that to feel “complete”, your only responsibility is to meet your own needs. In my own experience, this way of thinking has been alienating, often perpetuating unhealthy belief systems and reinforcing fear of the true meaning of intimacy. That is why in my work with couples, I advocate
for a healthy balance. I believe your first priority is to meet your own needs so you are not coming from a desperate place in your relationship. But beyond that, we work to discern. Is this person a good fit? Are they doing their own work? Can they meet me in the middle? After all, as Terrence Real notes, we are relational beings, and we are wired for connection. In taking responsibility for our co-creation while being aware of the as-is (i.e., reality), we give ourselves permission to step into authentic intimacy, and can discover the enormous gifts of learning to live with an undefended heart, regardless of what happens in our partner relationships.

If you’re ready to invest in your relationship for the sake of the well-being of you and your entire family, Book a Call with me today. I look forward to learning how I can be of service.

What I Offer

  • A safe, trustworthy environment

  • New tools to step out of habitual patterns that may be harmful in your relationships, including: mindfulness practices, experiential processes, and self-compassion

  • A multi-disciplinary approach to coaching that draws on the work Dr. Shefali’s Conscious Parenting method, Dr. Gabor Maté’s Compassion Inquiry, Terrence Real’s relationship therapy, the Gottman Method of couples therapy, Hendrix and Hunt’s IMAGO Relationship Therapy, and more