"I met Tanu when she attended a mindful parenting series I had facilitated at her child’s elementary school. Her warmth and wisdom were immediately apparent. It was quickly obvious what an asset it was to have her in the group. Her honesty was impressive and her responses to the other participants were always helpful and empathic. Tanu combines an authentic presence with deep knowledge. She will be a gift to the field of mindful parenting."
Mary Carol Dearing
"Tanu is a really wonderful person. She led our parenting mindful minute classes. We always started with meditation. This taught me how to rest my mind and stay in the moment. Tanu offers suggestions that are do-able in a friendly, open way. She is honest about her struggles and therefore is very relatable. Tanu really cares and I'm sure you'll learn a lot from her as I did."
Jackie Anne Block
"Your page is very inspirational and I can relate to my life situation when I lose control on emotions and subconsciously see my kids as easy targets to vent out. My actions are definitely not fair but through reading the posts in your page it helps me to calm down and rethink my actions and identify root causes. This enables me to keep my actions under check when similar situation reoccur. Keeping a work life balance is never easy and we are constantly being pulled in multiple directions and having a resource like your site just helps reiterate in our minds on what we can control and what is okay to let go. Thank you for all the information you post and I look forward to a more enriching information to help me with my emotional balance."
Meenakshi Gupta
"I first met Tanu at a La Leche League meeting when my son and her daughter were small. She had an older son and I was so touched and impressed with how she spoke to him in a gentle and respectful manner even though he was small. That meeting made such an impact on me as a parent and she really inspired me to be the gentle parent that I strive to be. She also urged me to go out to dinner with her at a time (unbeknownst to her) that I was struggling to leave my son for self-care. She had wonderful experience-based knowledge to share with me and was a calm presence to be with. Spending time with other moms can be challenging but Tanu was a wonderful companion and a thoughtful listening ear."
Maggie Borukhovich