Create meaningful transformation in your relationship with yourself, your children, And Your Partner

Tanu Bedi Seraphim


I am a certified Conscious Relationship Coach. Our relationship with ourselves defines all of our other relationships. My mission is to empower you cultivate a deep connection with your authentic self.

I am passionate about supporting my clients in breaking generational patterns and creating meaningful lives that are full of joy, authenticity, and deep connections with their children and partner. 

Cultivating mindfulness, using effective scientific tools, and healing inner child wounds are some of the tools I use to support my clients meet their life goals. Investing in your inner landscape create benefits that ripple into everyone around you, especially your children and partner, as well as all realms of your life.

I invite you to join me in this journey of becoming self-compassionate, present and connected.


Conscious Parent Coaching

Learn how to become a conscious parent who is peaceful, empowered and has a deep connection with their children. You will also learn evidence based parenting tools rooted in neuroscience and child psychology that are effective in creating real transformations in behavior, communication and relationships.

Conscious Relationship coaching

Are you feeling disconnected with your partner? Is there a chasm between you that keeps growing? Do you feel like your partner doesn’t hear you or see you? Do you feel powerless in your relationship with your partner? Do you feel like your needs are never met?

Learn how you can shift your relationship and create a connection with your partner, where you feel valued and loved. I can guide you in how you can step into your power in your relationship and get your needs met.

Conscious Life coaching

Are you feeling stuck, lost, or exhausted? Do you feel like a failure? Learn how to navigate these emotions and how to create a life that’s more fulfilled and empowered. You have everything it takes to reconnect with your true self again.

Client Love

Tanu is the most loving, heart centered and attuned coach. Her compassion and presence can be felt in every moment of every session. I couldn’t be more grateful for her tenderness and support of deep feelings stored within me. She has gracefully helped me uncover and feel feelings that I didn’t know were still there. In each session with Tanu, I am able to truly release repressed emotion and return to feeling recharged and compassionate towards myself.
Ashley A.
"I met Tanu when she attended a mindful parenting series I had facilitated at her child’s elementary school. Her warmth and wisdom were immediately apparent. It was quickly obvious what an asset it was to have her in the group. Her honesty was impressive and her responses to the other participants were always helpful and empathic. Tanu combines an authentic presence with deep knowledge. She will be a gift to the field of mindful parenting."
Mary Carol Dearing
"Tanu is a really wonderful person. She led our parenting mindful minute classes. We always started with meditation. This taught me how to rest my mind and stay in the moment. Tanu offers suggestions that are do-able in a friendly, open way. She is honest about her struggles and therefore is very relatable. Tanu really cares and I'm sure you'll learn a lot from her as I did."
Jackie Anne Block
Tanu is a guiding light. She uses techniques that guide you to go within. She helped me uncover some inner wounds during our sessions together. Her sense of calmness allowed me to relax and work through my issues. Tanu is truly an awesome coach that will assist you in finding your peace.
Zeenath S​