Individual, group and couples coaching for mindful
mothers and families

Using compassion as my compass to support families to live authentic and connected lives.

Tanu Bedi Seraphim

As a certified Conscious Parenting and Relationship Coach, I am passionate about providing safe spaces for mindful mamas and couples to connect and grow together. Using inner child work and other techniques, I support my clients to integrate their past wounds so they can show up fully present for their families (and themselves). My work is influenced by meditation and mindfulness, my own parenting journey, and involvement with numerous parenting communities.

In addition, I am a certified Conscious Parent Coach with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, a Soul Care Coach with Spiritual Therapist and wisdom teacher Suzi Lula, have trained with Gabor Mate on his Compassionate Inquiry model, and have been influenced by other wisdom teachers and psychologists who ground my coaching approach, which rests on the core belief that all change starts within. It is my distinct honor to hold sacred space for my clients and groups, and to be a compassionate witness to your journey of self-discovery.

Our Offerings

For Individuals

One-on-one and couples coaching programs for mindful parents and individuals who want to reparent their inner child.

For Groups

Seekers and Healers Book Club, Calling All Moms Group, and Meditation programs for mindful mamas.


What to do after Yelling at your Kids and Learning to Groove with the Sibling Rivalry Dance.

Why Stillwater Reflections?

When water boils, you cannot see your own reflection in it. And when there are huge waves in the ocean, you cannot see what lies underneath. So it is with our relationships. When we feel turbulent on the inside, we cannot see ourselves or our loved ones clearly.

Stillwater Reflections was founded for seekers just like you and me, who long for the support and tools to help calm the stormy seas of our lives, past and present. This bold act of investing in our inner landscape is invaluable, allowing us to offer a stillwater reflection back to our loved ones, who are also worthy of our compassion, presence and connection.

Words of Love

Mindful Connections with Tanu

Welcome! Whether you are looking for tips about Conscious Parenting techniques, Conscious Relationships tools, or Self Mastery practices that you can incorporate in your daily lives by taking small steps to create big transformations, you are in the right place. I help you create a life with ease, calm, and authentic connections using mindfulness and self compassion.